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High-quality architecture and implicit trust

Construction of the multimodal station in Mons, Belgium

The new station in the Belgian city of Mons is a real eye-catcher, and not simply on account of its size. The design by well-known architect, Santiago Calatrava, commissioned by a consortium composed of the SNCB, Infrabel, OTW and the Municipality of Mons, has captured the imaginations of many across Europe and beyond. That makes it all the better that Boels Rental is the main supplier for this historic project.

High-quality architecture
The sheer proportions and numbers that are involved in the construction are also hugely impressive. The construction itself consists of a steel bridge weighing 4000 tonnes. This bridge, which connects all of the tracks, is 150 metres long, 15 metres wide and 16 metres high. No fewer than 12 lifts and 14 escalators transport passengers to the platforms where the trains await them. The external cladding is composed of panels and glass. The bridge will ultimately be crowned with a mobile skylight. In terms of architecture, it is truly in a league of its own.

Total rental partner
Boels Rental has been involved in the project since 2020. The Portuguese client Martifer, who is responsible for the construction together with engineering firm Eurogare, has submitted a complete rental request for both temporary accommodation as well as for all the equipment on the work floor. For this project, Boels Rental is supplying 12 office units, 2 sanitary units, 3 storage containers, 26 articulated and scissor lifts, 6 telescopic handlers, not to mention power generators, lighting, compressors and plenty of other smaller equipment. The remaining lead time for this project is estimated to be 3 years.

Implicit trust
It was around June 2020, at the height of the corona crisis, when Martifer contacted us. That was before the Portuguese company had even set foot on Belgian soil, explains Area Manager Gunther Hostens. “This just confirms yet again the reputation that our company enjoys throughout Europe. Where a Portuguese customer is able to find his way to our company blindfolded.” Units were the very first equipment the customer needed. The site manager from Martifer reiterated his confidence in Boels Rental.  “For a flagship project like Mons Station, working with Boels means that we can count on outstanding service that is available around the clock to meet every requirement the project entails.”

Given the timing of the request – in the midst of the first corona wave – getting everything together quickly proved to be a challenge. “Thanks to the help of our unit rental departments in Rumst and Sittard, we were able to get the equipment on site quickly. This meant that we were already one step ahead of our competitors,” says Hostens enthusiastically. The speed and success with which the first units were installed and the fact that Martifer was provided with such ‘peace of mind’ so quickly proved to be the green light for becoming the main supplier in the project.

Team Boels
The team at the Mons branch is the first point of contact for the construction site of contractor Martifer. The branches throughout the region as well as the hub in Charleroi take care of delivering most of the machines and equipment. In addition, the unit rental department is also playing a major role in the success of this construction site.

Which Boels specialisms are active in the project?

  • Units: Office, sanitary and storage units.
  • Sanitation: weekly cleaning of site toilets.  

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