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Boels OneCall

One call, one contact, one solution for every hire need.

One call, one contact, one solution for all business hire needs!

Whatever you need, one telephone call is enough at Boels. The Boels OneCall team consists of over 100 trained specialists throughout Europe. They always find a solution. Delivery at any time you need or in the most remote regions on earth. Always. Boels OneCall.

One contact point

Boels OneCall appoints a personal account manager who is familiar with all the ins and out
concerning your requirements and internal company procedures. Your dedicated contact person
at Boels OneCall knows your organisation through and through. He knows how your business works, what you have hired from us in the past and where all rental equipment is at any given time. This allows him to respond very quickly with each new project and to always look for the smartest and most efficient solutions. One-stop shopping for project support, cost management and tailored reports guarantee the most efficient management of your equipment.

Ready 24/7

We're ready for you day and night, 7 days a week. For whatever reason you need us, you can expect the same service at night and on weekends as during the day. This is essential in case of
emergencies and indispensable for service providers and night-time projects, for example in road
construction or the installation sector. If you need us, we're there for you.

Every service, every product

Product not available in our hire guide? It is available for hire anyway! Are you looking for an exceptional item or service and cannot find it in our hire guide? No problem. Contact Boels OneCall and we will immediately start trying to source this for you from one of our specialist service partner companies.

Any emergency

Storm? Fire? Flood? Any other calamity? Especially for police departments, fire brigades, local authorities, insurance companies, aid agencies, salvage and fire restoration companies, Boels OneCall provides a 24/7 emergency service on request.

Every location

In the wider world! Boels has branches in 11 countries. Boels OneCall is at your service
in all other countries. No matter where your work takes you, you can always count on the quality
and service of the Boels network.

Custom solutions

At Boels OneCall, we adapt our service to your needs. In other words, customised service that
proactively offers solutions that are in your best interest. In addition, we give you full insight and a
comprehensive view by means of reports, dashboards and online management applications. Every
month, we review your ongoing hire arrangements and evaluate whether alternative solutions may
better suit your business, so you are always sure of the best attention at Boels.

Partner services

Boels has one of the largest rental fleets in Europe. If you need a specific machine that we
don't stock in our hire fleet, your dedicated contact person at Boels OneCall will do their very best
to source it for you. No matter what. We have an extensive network of specialised partner companies that can always help us. And if you ever have a project that's far away from any of the 11 Boels branches? Well, we'll call in the help of our partners then too. For you it's still only one phone call to Boels OneCall.

OneCall products

On our website, you can find a selection of our OneCall products. You can recognise them by this pictogram:


Boels One Call: 0870 6000 998
Monday to Friday: 7.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Saturdays: 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

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