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5 tips and ways to work safely and responsibly this summer

It's almost summer, which means beautiful weather and lots of fun in the sun. But working outside on hot days or during a heat wave requires extra precautions. There are risks to consider when you or your staff are on…

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Work safely at heights

Falling from heights is one of the most common accidents in the construction industry. Accidents can happen any time, but the consequences are serious, both personally and financially. Unnecessary says Boels Rental. Unsafe situations are easy to prevent!

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IQ-Pass offers add-on in software for secure access control in Covid-19 era

The current times make it difficult for an employee and an employer of large projects in the construction, industry or maritime sectors. Ensuring health and safety is a challenge. Therefore, rapid Corona tests are used to grant safe access to…

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Safe and warm through the winter with Boels Rental

In winter, the conditions are different to the other seasons. Cold, ice, snow and darkness call for adjustments and precautionary measures so that you and your employees can work safely and comfortably in any location. Our extensive range offers you…

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