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22 March 2021

To meet the increasing demand for zero-emission equipment, Boels Rental is adding more 2.2 tonne battery wheel loaders to its range. The purchase of these battery-powered wheel loaders also means that Boels Rental is reducing its own carbon footprint by no less than 552 tonnes. And greater availability of electric and battery-powered machines is encouraging more and more customers to make simple sustainable choices for their construction projects.

A focus on sustainability reduces CO2 footprint
A comprehensive product range and advice on cleaner machines and materials helps customers meet their own sustainability targets. The focus on sustainable rental solutions is also helping reduce the carbon footprint of Boels Rental. With the recent purchase of eight new battery-powered wheel loaders, for example, Boels is saving no less than 552 tonnes of carbon footprint. This has been demonstrated through a calculation using the CO2 calculator from the ERA (European Rental Association). This calculator computes the CO2 footprint of a machine per hour of use. The ERA has developed the calculator for use with different types of construction equipment, from boom lifts to generators.

Largest range of zero-emission equipment for hire

Hiring machines is better for the environment than buying them. Boels Rental will continue increasing its focus on sustainability over the coming years by offering a growing number of zero-emission machines. Currently, 80% of its offer is already emission free, but the ambitions are far higher. Over the coming years, Boels Rental will expand its fleet so that it can provide a zero-emission alternative for the majority of its machines. This is how Boels is responding to the increasing market demand for sustainable equipment. Boels is constantly on the lookout for new ways of enhancing and expanding its zero-emission product range. The aim is to become and remain the largest provider of zero-emission equipment in the rental sector.

The purchase of the new 2.2 tonne battery wheel loaders is yet another step towards an increasingly sustainable future.

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