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17 February 2021

In winter, the conditions are different to the other seasons. Cold, ice, snow and darkness call for adjustments and precautionary measures so that you and your employees can work safely and comfortably in any location. Our extensive range offers you suitable equipment and the best machines for the winter, such as (electric) heaters, mobile boiler systems, gritters, road mats, lighting towers and boom lifts. Together, we will make sure you are winter-ready!  

Safe and effective heating

Working in the cold is not only an extra challenge for employees but it can also be harmful to their health. That is why employers are required to take measures to prevent any adverse effects caused by working in the cold. In locations where the temperature is not regulated by a central heating system, it is possible to provide additional heating. We are happy to offer you expert support with a wide selection of different heating systems. 

It is vitally important to choose the right solution for the right location when it comes to heating rooms. Using diesel heaters in an enclosed space can lead to fumes intoxication – a 'silent killer'. Of course, this risk can always be avoided by installing the right equipment. For that reason, it is preferable to heat enclosed and indoor spaces with electric heaters or with an indirect-fired heater, where the heat is brought inside and the exhaust gases are always expelled outside.
At times it may not be possible to heat the workplace, for example when working in the open air. In this case, a room for employees to warm up can be provided.We offer units and site cabins for this purpose.


Professional heating

For the safe and professional heating of any room, we have a fully specialised business unit: Boels Power & HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise in temporary energy and climate solutions, we are always able to offer our customers the best solution. We are happy to discuss your situation and any possible solutions with you. We supply, install and maintain equipment for (temporary) climate control.


Snow and ice-free

Snow and ice require proper precautionary measures to avoid any dangerous accidents. For the cold, white days of the year, we supply snow ploughs as well as gritters. Has there been a lot of snow? Then be sure to start with ploughing and clearing the area of any snow. Then you can spread de-icing salt to prevent iciness.

Wet and dirty conditions can also cause slippery roads and pathways. Unpaved locations can turn dangerous and slippery when there is a lot of mud after a rainfall. For these outdoor areas, we supply road mats and pedestrian mats to offer your customers, visitors and staff safe passage over a solid surface.

Traffic Service

Wind, storms and rain 

Even in winter, work needs to be done at height. For those situations, we provide a variety of boom lifts, scaffolding and stairs. Strong winds, heavy rain or even storms can create particularly dangerous conditions when working at height. That is why it is always important to work safely and sensibly.

Equipment and machines all have their own restrictions for use in windy conditions that must be strictly observed. Wind speeds can be measured most accurately using a wind meter or anemometer, which we offer in our "Survey and Laser" range. Always measure the wind speed at working height, because the wind speed may be different from ground level.

Do you have water problems due to rain or slush? Safety also has to be closely monitored in case of rain or flooding when it comes to cabling and power supply at outdoor locations. Water and electricity can, of course, be life-threatening. Our Power and Climate department specialises in cabling and power supply issues. Be sure to contact us for a customised power supply plan that takes into account weather conditions and helps create safe (working) conditions. 


Darkness and light

In winter, we experience many different weather conditions, as well as shorter days. You want work to continue even when it gets dark early. Illuminating a site might sometimes be necessary or desirable. In such cases, we offer a wide range of lighting towers and temporary lighting solutions. Lighting towers or floodlights can be used both indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, make sure to get good advice so that your lighting choice suits your needs, preferences and the location.

When working near moving vehicles, such as on roads, airports, railway stations or shipyards, it may be necessary to use both good lighting and signage. This helps prevent unsafe situations as much as possible.


We are at your service

All the different possible situations, weather conditions and locations require customised solutions. We always proactively help you to find the right solution for your issue and situation.

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