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04 June 2020

The 7 r’s of a circular economy

The Paris Climate Change Agreement states the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One way of achieving this goal is through circular economy. It is a broad concept, which can be explained best with the 7R-model of Royal HaskoningDHV. Renting equipment complies perfectly with this model, and Boels Rental ticks all of the 7 R’s.

The 7R-model provides a handheld for working in and contributing to a circular economy. The 7 R’s explained:

 1: Rethink
Reconsider purchasing equipment: Are there other options? Renting equipment is an excellent alternative. Boels offers a large range of more than 2,500 machines and products. Besides being ‘greener’, renting equipment has more advantages: 5 reasons to rent equipment.

 2: Reduce
Innovative design can reduce the amount of material needed. As a major player, Boels Rental has influence on the development and production of new machines that, for example, last longer. Boels is constantly on the lookout for zero or low-emission alternatives and additions to its range. And when demand is high, Boels challenges machine manufacturers to develop them.

 3: Repair
Repair instead of throwing away. Rental machines are in general well maintained. They are frequently inspected and repaired. At Boels, we check and test every machine before it’s ready for rental.

 4: Re-use
Re-use products. For example, check local second-hand shops if you want something or sell used items online. Boels also sells used depreciated equipment and therefore contributes to a circular economy. Read more about this here

5: Refurbish
Renovate products; make something new out of it. Many times parts of defective machines can be combined to create a working machine. Boels also uses parts to repair its machines and therefore prolonging the lifespan.

6: Recycle
Recycle material. Equipment that is completely depreciated, is disassembled and disposed of separately. Not only in workshops, but also in the branches and head office of Boels.

7: Recover
Reclaim energy. Waste that is not recyclable goes to an incineration plant where it generates energy. Nothing is wasted at Boels.

Renting reduces emissions by 50%
In 2019, the ERA (European Rental Association) commissioned a study into the carbon footprint of construction equipment. Main conclusion of this study was that renting equipment encourages and enables efficient use and thus significantly reduces the carbon footprint. It results in savings of 30% to 50% in emissions. To underline this, the ERA is now working on a CO2 calculator for construction equipment. Together with the existing Total Cost of Ownership calculator, it provides insight into the impact of various parameters on the carbon footprint. End users, contractors and rental companies will soon be able to use both calculators to make efficient and environmentally friendly purchasing decisions. The C02 calculator will be presented by the ERA at the end of this year.

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