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22 January 2020

The European Rental Association (ERA) has initiated a study into the effects of rental on the environment. The study reveals that hiring machines, when compared to permanent ownership of the same machines, reduces CO2 emissions and therefore contributes to a sustainable world. This reduction can be as much as 50%.

The ERA's study reveals that a company's sustainability performance can be improved significantly by choosing to rent equipment and machinery instead of purchasing it directly. Crucial factors in this are the intensity of use, the right equipment, transport and lifespan of the product. In short: hired equipment is used more often and therefore more efficiently.

By optimising equipment utilisation, preventing unused equipment, reducing storage space and minimising the use of waste and materials, it is clear that the rental sector has a very positive impact on the environment. As an example, CO2 emissions are reduced by 30-50%*.

Sharing knowledge and collaborating
The ERA - established in 2006 - represents more than 5,000 rental companies in all European countries and, as such, is a prominent voice on behalf of the rental industry. Rental companies that are affiliated with the ERA share their knowledge in all areas imaginable, including technology and sustainability. Another benefit for those rental companies is that the ERA is their representative in Brussels, giving the rental industry a voice in the European Union.

Click here to read the full ERA report

Boels makes a real effort to increase sustainability
Boels is a major contributor within the ERA, also in the field of sustainability. For example, Boels invests in:

  • monitoring technologies to maintain and deploy machines more efficiently;
  • vehicles and engines with low emissions;
  • measures to reduce fuel consumption;
  • the optimisation of recycling waste and equipment.

In addition, Boels is working closely with Shell on the development of Gas to Liquid (GTL) fuel. Boels does this by sharing its usage data, product knowledge, market knowledge, market developments and practical experiences with Shell.

The ERA firmly believes that the rental industry can play a crucial role in the transition to a sustainable economy. This includes a shift from 'ownership of goods' to 'access to goods'. If we rent instead of buy, we can save resources and make better use of equipment throughout its entire life cycle.

Advantages of hiring equipment

  1. Efficiency in use: Hired goods are used more often compared to owned equipment and save a considerable amount of resources
  2. Influence on the design: Rental companies are often in closer contact with manufacturers and can press harder for machine designs with higher durability performance
  3. High operational standards: Companies that specialise in equipment rental generally have high standards of quality, maintenance and operation, leading to improved performance in areas such as energy efficiency, health & safety, noise reduction etc

*According to research carried out by three independent, internationally operating and renowned research agencies: SGS Search, CE Delft & Climate Neutral Group.

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