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Woodworking and hiring the right machine

If you want to protect a wooden floor from dirt and damage, it is important to treat it periodically. This can be done with or without retaining its original colour. In general, there are three types of wooden floors that can be treated with paint, stain or oil: softwood floors made of pine or spruce boards, laminate parquet floors and solid (hard)wood parquet strip floors.

Each different method of treating wood has its own specific requirements. You can rely on Boels for hiring the right machine to get the job done.

Wall or ceiling sander hire

Which sander is best to hire?

For lightly sanding or preparing large surfaces of parquet or wooden floors, it is best to hire an orbital floor sander. Due to its low speed, this floor sander is very suitable for finer sanding work. A floor sander can be used to easily remove unevenness and old paint layers, making weathered floorboards look like new again. Ideal for renovating old wooden panels and floors. The chance of errors while sanding is also very slim due to the expansion roll. The parquet sander can be used with paper dust bags and an air recycler, or with a fine dust separator.

Boels tip: Sand your parquet floor until it is completely smooth. This may seem like an exhausting and time-consuming task, but the results are worth it. Sanding your parquet floor gives your interior a brand new look and gives your floor a second lease on life. Some think that weathered parquet floors can no longer be repaired. But the opposite is actually true. A fresh layer of wood is waiting under the old, dull, scratched top layer. This is especially true when sanding off 1 mm or less.

Hiring a ceiling or wall sander

If your to-do list includes sanding plasterboard walls or ceilings, an excellent idea you may want to consider is hiring a wall or ceiling sander. The machine features a rotatable connection for optimal mobility and is easy to adjust for ceilings and walls or for sanding sloping surfaces.
Plasterboards are used for finishing interior walls (thin partition walls) and ceilings and have plaster as the base material. The boards are fire resistant and noise insulating, can be installed on a timber or metal frame and it is relatively simple to give them a smooth finish.
Plasterboards differ depending on their purpose. The lining paper on plasterboard for partition walls is white or grey, whereas the lining paper on plasterboards for wall and ceilings is brown. Also the structure of the carton is different: white/grey plasterboard is used in combination with a primer, while the porous carton of the brown plasterboards is designed for a plaster finish over the top.

Wall or ceiling sander hire
Mitre saw hire

Laying a wooden floor? Hire a mitre saw

When laying wooden floors, you will inevitably have to cut some of the floor parts. Having the right machine can make precision work much easier. Hiring a sliding compound mitre saw is the most obvious choice. A sliding compound mitre saw is ideal for trimming wood, MDF, plywood and parquet floor parts up to 270 mm. In addition, the saw is equipped with 2-point dust extraction.

Boels tip: If you intend to install parquet or laminate yourself, then it is a good idea to request information from us in advance regarding the best laying method - length, width or diagonal.

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