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Survey & Safety Equipment

For good measure! Working safely with Boels Survey & Laser instruments

Measuring is a must when it comes to construction and public spaces. Ideally, this is to be done with the highest possible level of precision. That often requires specialised instruments that not everyone always has access to. Boels Survey & Laser offers a vast range of professional and state-of-the-art measurement solutions that can be used for gathering and recording accurate and precise measurement data. Our products and advice are aimed at making construction measurements, surveying, inspections & detections as well as communications as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Boels Survey & Laser offers a unique range of (rotating) lasers, measuring equipment, thermal imaging cameras, gas leak detectors, total stations, GPS rovers, levelling instruments, walkie-talkies, CO, IAO, lux, moisture and temperature meters.

Rotating laser hire

Service, support and training

Boels Survey & Laser continuously strives to improve its services and always selects top brands equipped with the latest technology. You can rest assured that everything will work at its best. And to maintain that level of quality, we thoroughly check each individual instrument before delivery. We also carry out periodic tests and inspections according to our maintenance schedule. Our central service department takes care of that. We also provide training courses to help you use our equipment more effectively, allowing you to get to work immediately. These training courses are concise, effective and fully focused on your professional practice. Encountering an unexpected issue? Our experienced team of experts are ready to help with direct telephone assistance and practical solutions!

Flawless measurement, detection and recording

Things are getting more and more complicated underground. Cables and pipes may get damaged during excavation work. This could be dangerous (e.g., short circuits or gas leaks), but could also involve considerable costs. The negative impacts resulting from electricity, water, gas or telephone outages are often enormous. Companies or individuals who carry out excavation work are legally obliged to conduct their work carefully. Our cable finders allow you to accurately detect, locate and mark underground cables before beginning with your excavation work. When the signal generator is also used, neutral cables and metals can be detected, the depth can be read out and even cracks and blockages can be located.

But there are a number of areas that are visibly obstructed or not readily accessible. These may include sewer or drainage systems, cavity walls and other hollow spaces. Looking to clean or map out these areas? Boels has just the right instrument for this. Our product range includes everything from endoscopes to multi-detectors as well as a variety of other measuring equipment.

Boels also has modern precision instruments for above-ground measurements and recordings. You can use our rotating lasers to quickly and accurately transmit heights, conduct flatness measurements for floors or roofs, install system ceilings at heights or elevate land and pavements. Our range also includes cross-line lasers, a theodolite, digital and analogue level gauges, field books and professional robotic total stations and GPS equipment.

Sewer pipe laser hire
Calibration of measuring equipment

Useful for maintaining your own equipment

Do you own measurement equipment yourself and want to make sure your tools are operating accurately at all times? Then are at the right place with Boels Survey & Laser. Our fully authorised service department - the largest in Europe boasting more than 40 years of experience - maintains and repairs all conventional third-party measuring equipment quickly and professionally. Your equipment will always be calibrated according to the latest standards. Bring your equipment to the nearest Boels branch or take advantage of our unique pick-up and return service. We will also have replacement equipment available for you immediately. You can expect your instrument to be returned to you in perfect condition within an average turnaround time of one week. Of course, our service department is BSI ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

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