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Stone & Concrete work

Hiring professional machines: the first step when working in stone or concrete

Planning to pour a new concrete floor or renovate an existing floor? Will there be a visible top layer of polished concrete, or will it serve as a foundation for a floor covering or tiles? Whether it concerns pouring concrete, finishing work, renovations, repairs, sawing or demolition, you can always get the job done with a hired floor or concrete grinder from Boels.

Working with concrete usually means hard work. Fortunately, Boels has a wide range of equipment in stock to make work easier, healthier and less strenuous. We never take risks at Boels, which is why we only hire out machines and equipment from reputable suppliers.

Mechanical trowel hire

Mixing, pouring and finishing concrete

No one enjoys mixing and pouring concrete by hand. That is certainly understandable. It is not only because it is physically taxing, but using a machine can also get the job done a lot faster. When there is a lot of masonry work to do, renting a mixer is an excellent idea. This also applies to other jobs that require mortar, such as pouring floors or installing tiles. Boels offers a wide range of concrete mixers and concrete buckets available in electric and petrol versions, for any job and any location. A concrete bucket is a funnel-shaped vessel through which concrete is poured into the formwork. Poured concrete can be finished and levelled using a mechanical power float or a ride-on power float. Boels offers a choice of different models, including electric or combustion engine.

Sawing and cutting concrete

Installing large tiles for floors or walls is not the easiest of tasks, but with thorough preparation and the right tools, success is guaranteed. Working accurately is especially important when sawing tiles. That makes working with a tile saw an essential part of managing effective and accurate work. The tile table saw with water cooling is suitable for dust-free sawing of large tiles for walls and floors. Thanks to the adjustable angle stop, you can also cut at different angles. Thanks to the foldable frame, transporting the tile table saw is as easy as hiring the device itself. Boels has the right tools for sawing, cutting and trimming stone and concrete. The tile and paving stone cutter is particularly suitable for quickly cutting paving bricks, concrete slabs and kerbstones to the right size.
For installing items such as electricity cables in a wall, hiring a wall-saw is the obvious choice. We have a wide range of diamond blades available for sawing into materials such as brick, sand-lime brick, cinder blocks and (reinforced) concrete.

Concrete saw hire
Concrete sander hire

Hiring a concrete sander

Have you got heavy sanding and polishing work ahead? Hire a professional floor grinder from Boels. Your work is guaranteed to be fast and efficient. The concrete sander is not only ideal for removing layers of epoxy, coatings, lines or paint and glue residue, it is also suitable for levelling and sanding (wet) concrete floors. In addition, the concrete sander has a dust extraction connection for working dust-free. A Boels expert will provide clear instructions for you on site. Together, you will determine which diamond blocks are right for the job: from a coarse grade for adhesive layers to a fine grade for a ready to paint surface. The key to achieving a smooth concrete floor is avoiding air bubbles. A vibrator needle from Boels can extract the air from wet concrete quickly and permanently.

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