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Site Preparation

Be prepared for site preparation

Successful construction starts with well-thought-out site preparation. As a construction entrepreneur, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of employees, passers-by and local residents at the construction site. You protect yourself against prying eyes, ensure that equipment and materials are stored properly and make sure that the site looks nice and tidy. Those who do business with Boels Site Preparation discover the advantages of a complete package. Once the site is ready, construction work can begin.

Boels supplies all the necessary facilities for construction sites based on a detailed site plan. This includes anything from construction fences, electricity and road plates to construction water and Bio Boxes. Public nuisances and traffic disruptions at and around the construction site also have to be kept to a minimum. It is also important for the construction site to be easily accessible to employees and suppliers.

Site preparation hire

Hire all the equipment you need for site preparation

Site preparation often begins with an undeveloped piece of land where a mini 'construction village' has to quickly materialise. Complete with its own - temporary - infrastructure. When designing a construction site, a number of factors have to be taken into account. This includes the type of construction project, the location and the environment. There are several points that always appear on every checklist. Some examples include installing fencing, building a sewage system as well as protecting the site and equipment. At Boels, you can hire all of the equipment and materials you need to set up a construction site properly and safely, such as fencing, the foundation when it comes to construction site preparation. But also machines for jobs such as drilling and demolition, scaffolding and masonry materials, non-mechanical tools, horizontal and vertical transport equipment and temporary housing solutions. With more than 40 years of equipment hire experience and a selection of more than 2500 different machines and tools for hire, Boels has everything a construction site needs. We can provide advice, services, inspections and maintenance as well as personnel to operate the equipment. In short: Boels Site Preparation is the most complete supplier for the construction, utility and industry sectors!

Hiring construction fencing

When it comes to construction fencing, the first use that comes to mind is enclosing large construction sites. That is certainly common practice. But construction fencing is hired for a number of other locations as well. For example, for setting up music or pop festivals or sporting events. There are different types of construction fencing. Take anti-climb construction fencing, for example. This construction fence has a fine mesh and anti-climb protection, which reduces the number of accidents, thefts and vandalism. There is also basic construction fencing. Typically, this type of construction fencing is used for locations with a low risk profile and is extremely suitable for ‘one-off’ use. To obstruct the view of the site, different types of covers and fence netting are available that can be easily attached to standard construction fencing.

Construction fencing hire
Portable toilet hire

Hiring toilets for the construction site

When you hire a Bio Box, you are hiring a temporary hygienic mobile toilet facility, which is ideal for construction projects, parties and events. The Bio Box does not have to be connected to a sewer system. In addition, this extremely compact toilet facility has an anti-slip floor, a separate urinal, a clothes hook, a lockable door as well as many other advantages. The Bio Box trailer can be moved quickly and easily, is equipped with handy step plates and can be picked up or returned at your convenience. Ideal for parties or renovation projects. The Bio Box trailer is specially designed for parties and events that do not have access to a sewer system connection. The deluxe Bio Boxes include lighting, an overhang, large mirrors and hooks for clothing. In addition, this version is equipped with a fold-out aluminium step and stabiliser support and can be supplied with an optional heater.

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