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The superior functionality of boom lifts

Boom lifts are available in all shapes and sizes. Yet they all have one thing in common - their functionality. Using a boom lift saves time and money. Boom lifts are often used when placing scaffolding is too expensive or too time-consuming. This can include activities such as maintenance and installation work in hospitals or car parks, or when (re)designing supermarkets and retail properties. But boom lifts are also a handy tool for working safely at greater heights such as when cleaning or inspecting façades.

Being able to operate a boom lift properly requires good basic knowledge of the machine’s functionality.

Trailer-mounted boom lift hire

Hiring a trailer-mounted boom lift

Hiring a trailer-mounted boom lift is a good idea when work needs to be performed at height at different locations. The boom lift is lightweight and can be moved very easily. A trailer is used for transporting the lift. The articulated telescope is multi-functional. Some articulated telescopes have a range of 12, 17, 21 and 30 metres. The 17 metre and higher version has a horizontal working range of 8.7 metres. Thanks to its compact design, the articulated telescope with the highest range (30 metres), is suitable for applications where other boom lifts fall short.

Hiring a scissor lift

A scissor lift can be best compared to a lift table. This type of boom lift is ideal when you need space and have a lot of material to carry. You essentially raise the entire work platform, lifting it to the required height. There are a number of points that you should take into account when hiring a scissor lift. For example, when using a scissor lift, it is important that the ground surface is level and is able carry sufficient weight. Boels also has a large range of scissor lifts for uneven surfaces - especially for use outdoors.

Manoeuvrable electric scissor lifts are often hired for working along flat façades and walls. This type of scissor lift usually has a smaller design than telescopic boom lifts. However, they often have a larger lifting capacity. Their larger platform also offers more workspace. People and materials can be safely delivered to the height you require. Electric scissor lifts are powered by battery, making them particularly suitable for indoor jobs. Many people hire articulated telescopes because of its multi-functional lightweight design and ability to be moved around quickly. The articulated telescope is used for working at heights in different locations where the object is often difficult to reach. For example because there is an obstacle in the way. The height of the articulation point and the lateral range are crucial.

Scissor lift hire
Passenger lift hire

Hiring a passenger lift

The Boels passenger lift is a self-propelled lift that can be transported easily thanks to its low weight. The lift is also very suitable for manoeuvring in small spaces. But these are not the only plus points. Thanks to its small size, this type of passenger lift fits through virtually any door. The lift can be raised and lowered electrically and has a spacious platform for one person and tools. The lift can be moved manually by the user very easily. People who hire passenger lifts are generally looking for a compact solution for working at heights of up to 8 metres.

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