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Power & Lighting

Energy supply and lighting: your project in the spotlight!

Need (extra) power for your project or event to keep operations running safely at any time of the day? Looking for temporary lighting for your car park, construction site or other location where people need to be able to safely walk around? Then look no further than Boels Rental. From generators to junction boxes, cables to lighting tower generators: we have an extensive range of temporary power and lighting options available 24/7 on-demand and fast - any time and anywhere. Planned or unplanned, short or longer periods of time.

We first discuss your needs together. Then, we make sure your project is carried out quickly and (cost) effectively. The products are delivered to the site ready to use. Afterwards, we continue to monitor the performance of our machines and staff throughout the duration of the project. This way, you're guaranteed of continuous and reliable service.

Portable generator hire

A generator for every situation!

Are you facing a power failure while your project is on a tight schedule and you simply can't afford any operational delays? Trying to find the right solution for temporarily replacing your energy needs for a specific project? At Boels Power, you will find everything you are looking for. We supply reliable power supply or lighting, thus enabling you to successfully complete your project with confidence – and energy. Boels Rental is the specialist in hiring, installing and managing total solutions in the field of energy. These are solutions that we can supply and implement from A to Z, including taking over the complete energy supply from an office, building or factory. Our generators meet all the requirements set by the shipping sector, energy market, (chemical) industry, as well as event, construction site and hospital management. They vary in size from 3.5 kVA to 60 kVA. Thanks to smart generator couplings, you can generate the right amount of energy at any time, with no peak voltage or interruptions to the power supply. Moreover, this leads to lower emissions and fuel consumption.

For temporary fuel storage, we deliver approved fuel tanks of 100L to 3000L. There are also a variety of mobile generators on trailers as well as small generators for gardens, campers, boats, market stalls, construction machinery and other uses. You can also contact us for a range of accessories, such as distribution boxes, power cables, extension cables and junction boxes.

The ideal lighting plan for your project

In the process of choosing the right lighting solution, a number of questions arise such as: for what surface and activity do you want to provide light, is there an existing power supply and adequate ventilation? Based on the answers to these questions, we work together to determine how we can best help you. You can contact us for self-supporting stationary and mobile lighting tower generators with a high light output for providing light in areas and projects where people need to be able to work and walk around safely. These generators (diesel, hybrid or mains electricity) are quiet, certified for wind speeds of up to 80 km/h and equipped with a light sensor, timer and liquid-tight base. Our offer is so extensive that we can always help you achieve your ideal lighting plan.

Light tower generator hire
Power supply hire

Hiring a distribution box

A (power) distribution box is used to safely process and distribute electricity at construction sites or events. Distribution boxes are hired for an extremely wide range of diverse and heavy applications. In addition, they can be easily looped through to smaller distribution boxes. Thanks to their lightweight design, the distribution boxes and portable power distributors are very easy to move. Boels sets high standards for its products, ensuring that it is always possible to work safely with power tools at the construction site. Boels also offers a variety of extension cables. The most common extension cables are available in different lengths. Ideal for heavy outdoor use, industrial use and construction sites.

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