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Pipework & Engineering

Boels is always prepared for the most diverse installation work

A lot of construction work and pipework for construction can only be carried out properly using special machines and tools. Whether you are a plumber, welder, construction engineer or central heating technician, you will find all the welding equipment and related tools and accessories you need at Boels Rental. Our products are designed for heavy-duty use in industrial applications and comfortably satisfy all conventional standards.

Any do-it-yourselfer knows that hiring a compressor offers a great solution for a variety of jobs. For example, you can use a compressor to drive other tools, inflate tires or paint.
A compressor draws in air, compresses it and then allows it to be released under high pressure. The higher the intake power, the faster the tank will replenish and the faster the air will be made available. The type of compressor you need depends on the job.

Central heating flushing compressor hire

Everything a plumber needs

We stock a wide range of plumbing tools, including pipe cutters, pliers, conduit benders, a roll grooving machine for pipes that cannot be welded, and a press machine with a fast rechargeable Li-ion battery for stainless steel and plastic connections. You can use one of our pipe threaders to quickly cut the right thread on pipes and rods at your work location. Our offer ranges from a handy, portable model to a machine on a frame that can turn both clockwise and anticlockwise. Our pipe freezing kits allow you to work on sanitary and heating installations without draining pipes. Our range also includes a plastic (butt) welder, a pressurisation and test pump, a central heating flusher and a hand burner for constructing or repairing roofs.

Metalworking and connections

For processing metal and other hard materials, Boels offers a wide variety of professional machines and tools. Our lightweight portable magnetic drill is designed to easily drill into steel and castings. The machine is held in place by a powerful electromagnet during operation, so you have your hands free and can work even more easily. For cutting stone and metal and deburring metal we have a variety of angle grinders for hire, as well as a comfortable lightweight, battery powered version. The stationary cut-off saw is even suitable for cutting steel. Planning to cut out openings for a door or window in drywall, wood, metal or stone such as aerated concrete or sand-lime brick? Our keyhole saw (with or without battery) flawlessly does the work for you. Boels is also the right place for hiring professional pipe saws, nibblers, multi-tools or collapsible workbenches with vises.

Our impact wrenches (electric, air or battery) are suitable for (dis)assembling a wide variety of connections. This could include wheel assemblies, screw connections in steel and machine constructions as well as scaffolding, rack and lift constructions. The (hydraulic) impact wrenches from Boels Rental - including models with ring cassettes - are the perfect solution for industrial bolted connections. Our electric impact wrenches allow for highly accurate tightening of bolts or nuts. Want to remove damaged or corroded nuts without heating the nuts and without damaging the bolts? Use our effective hydraulic nut splitters.

Impact wrench hire
Pump hire

Hire pumps in all shapes and sizes

With the extensive range of pumps from Boels, you can easily handle any pump-related job. For example, drying construction pits and pumping sewers with sound-attenuated diesel pumps. Or you can also empty a flooded basement or crawl space with a submersible pump. In short, at Boels you can hire pumps in all shapes and sizes. Many of our pumps are permanently available. This means you can always hire the right pump at the best price, without having to stick to one specific capacity. That is another advantage of hiring from Boels. Boels has a suitable solution for every pump-related job. Our portfolio of submersible pumps ranges from a flat suction model for carefully pumping floors and roofs, to submersible sewer pumps for coarser work.

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