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Painting & Decorating

Hire everything you need for better paintwork and a beautiful finish

Painting, wallpapering or laying new floors: the right machines and equipment help you achieve smooth end results. Looking for an airless sprayer, wallpaper steamer, linoleum roller, line marker, rechargeable sealant applicator or other useful tool? At Boels, you can hire exactly what you need to achieve the best results quickly and efficiently.

First preparing the base layer is important in being able to work quickly and cleanly. You can also rely on Boels for this. Our wallpaper stripper makes an easy job of removing old wallpaper layers, especially if you first perforate the wallpaper with our perforating roller and apply a release agent. This is recommended when there are multiple layers of wallpaper and with thick, washable or vinyl wallpaper.

Our paint stripper helps you easily remove (old) paint layers and even stickers from wood and metal. In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories (such as spray overalls, brushes, cover sheets, PE coated paperboard, refuse bags and duct tape) to make your work even easier.

Airless paint sprayer hire

Save time: hire an airless paint sprayer

The days of painting with rollers and brushes are long gone. Our airless sprayer helps you achieve better results faster and more efficiently. Working airless means that productivity per square metre can be up to 3 to 5 times higher than with manual rolling. That saves you time and/or hourly wages. The airless method also makes it easier to distribute the paint, allowing you to treat larger surfaces with the same amount of paint. This means the price of hiring the machine can very quickly pay for itself, while also helping you do your part for the environment. In addition, you also get a better surface finish, a smooth and uniform layer of paint and no roller marks.

Our airless machines are suitable for use with a variety of materials. You can use them on a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors - from ceilings and walls to wooden, brick or metal surfaces. Due to their lightweight design and practical transport trolley, the machines are easy to handle and convenient to use, plus points when it comes to working conditions. Our airless machines come with a compressor, spray hose, spray gun with filter and spray tip. Different spray tips are available on request.

Want to increase your spray range without using a ladder or scaffolding? Choose a spray gun extension. Is there too much wind to spray or would you prefer to not have overspray? Then the airless paint roller with telescopic handle is the perfect solution.

Maximum protection against nuisance

Dust, draughts, dirt, noise and contamination in other (clean) spaces: our modular dust partition system means you don’t have to worry about any of this during your project. Life on the other side of the screen can continue undisturbed, allowing you to focus on your painting, plastering, conversion, renovation or maintenance work. The partition system consists of fire-retardant foil and lightweight aluminium telescopic rods, which are adjustable in length between the floor and ceiling. Thanks to the foam rubber finish on the profiles, the ceiling, the walls and the floor remain protected. The user-friendly system is quick and easy to set up, and you can expand it to any desired length and height in no time.

Sealant applicator hire
Sealant applicator hire

A beautiful finish: no sweat with Boels

In addition to painting and decorating, Boels can help you achieve even more finishing jobs perfectly. Opting for linoleum, vinyl or other floor coverings in your home or business? Thanks to our linoleum roller, you can guarantee a smooth and tight fit. The roller can be disassembled, making it easy to transport. Our rechargeable sealant applicator allows you to easily seal your bathroom, kitchen, windows, doors, floors and roofs. The speed that the sealant cans or tubes are used can be easily adjusted. We also have an excellent solution for marking lines and dividing lines in car parks and warehouses as well as on factory floors, playing fields and recreational areas. Our versatile line marker makes it easy for you to create additional safety and clarity.

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