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Earthmoving Equipment

Move mountains with Boels earthmoving equipment!

Earthmoving or earthworks refers to any activity that involves moving, removing or supplying sand or soil. Earthmoving can best be described as moving soil for the purpose of construction site preparation. Moving soil may be necessary for a number of reasons, for example, road construction, raising dikes or construction work. Earthmoving is actually very common. It is done with tank remediation as well as when a contractor plans to build a house with a basement. The type of project determines the amount of soil that is necessary to supply or remove. Different types of equipment, such as excavators, wheel loaders or skid loaders can be used to move the soil.

New sites can be mapped out fairly quickly using GPS equipment. This makes it much easier for earthmoving companies to anticipate the kind of equipment and materials they will need, and to project how much time the project will take.
Excavators with 3D GPS control also have the advantage of being able to dig very quickly and accurately.

Skid loader hire

Hiring skid loaders for soil transport

The skid loader owes its name to two important applications. The machine is steered and moved forward by 'skidding’ it along a surface. The 4-wheel drive makes the skid loader very easy to manoeuvre in spaces requiring a short turning circle. The second important element is the loading system. The principle behind it can be compared to that of articulated loaders or mini loaders, in which the equipment is used for loading purposes. Hiring a skid loader from Boels is a great solution for transporting soil, sand and debris. The skid loader from Boels has a very thin design, making it suitable for narrow paths and hard-to-reach places.

Wide range of excavators for hire

Building a pond is no easy task. It usually involves completely renovating the entire garden. The pavement often needs to be adjusted and plants need to be moved or trees cleared. One way or the other, proper planning is essential. The first step is hiring an excavator. Building a pond involves quite a bit of earthmoving. Sometimes the excavated soil can be processed in the garden itself. But it often proves impossible to do this and the soil has to be removed instead. Keep in mind, however, that excavated sand has a higher volume outside the ground than inside. In other words, you always dig out a higher volume than is required for the pond. For example, a pond that will have contents of five cubic metres will require the removal of about seven cubic metres of soil.

Hiring a plate compactor is not only useful for constructing roads - it can also be used to prevent pavement tiles from sagging. The smallest and most convenient wacker plate plate from Boels is suitable for all your garden groundwork needs, such as compacting soil, hoggin and sand. The  plate compactor can also be used for compacting material such as hot and cold asphalt. In addition, the machine is the ideal work companion for constructing roads, cycle paths, car parks and driveways. The most basic type is a trench compactor. A wacker plate is a more convenient model to use, and is able to move forwards or backwards. A vibration ruler has better results than the plate compactor compactor when it comes to paving. This is mainly due to its forward motion. The centrifugal force of a vibration ruler is at the front of the machine.

Excavator hire
Conveyor belt hire

When should I hire a conveyor belt?

Hiring a conveyor belt is very useful for projects where large quantities of sand, soil, construction waste and raw materials need to be moved quickly and effortlessly. A conveyor belt from Boels easily takes care of this kind of work in no time. The Boels conveyor belt has a robust design and a switch function. Of course, the machine also complies with the strictest safety standards and is extremely efficient. The conveyor belt has a galvanised steel frame with very sturdy rubber strap. The conveyor belt can be used for earthworks and demolition and comes with an optional trestle and funnel.

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