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Drilling & Breaking Tools

Boels diamond drills and demolition hammers for easier drilling and demolition

Renovation or construction projects usually requires something to be broken down, demolished or cut away. This could include an existing wall, floor or tiles. Different machines can be used for drilling, breaking or demolishing walls, foundations or other surfaces. At Boels, you can hire equipment such as demolition hammers, which are used for a variety of different demolition work.

In order to be able to drill through concrete, a machine needs to have the right impact force and a good slipper clutch due to concrete steel. Hiring a drill hammer is the obvious choice in this case. The impact force of a percussion drill is generally too low and the slipper clutch too slow. That usually makes it unsuitable for drilling in concrete.

Diamond drill hire

Drilling with the right diamond drill

Not every job requires heavy-duty power. For easily drilling large holes into concrete, it is sometimes best to hire a diamond drill. Diamond drills are available in different designs. For example, a different drill is used for wet drilling than for dry drilling. Wet drilling is done using a diamond drill connected to a water hose. The water then accumulates in a so-called slurry collector. The dust that is released during a dry drilling process can be extracted with an appropriate dust extraction unit. Dry drilling is not suitable for drilling (large) holes in concrete, but only in soft stone. Dry drilling into brick or sand-lime brick is no problem, provided that there is proper dust extraction.

Reliable tools for removing tiles

Removing old tile floors is not difficult, but it can be a time-consuming task, especially when the floor tiles are firmly secured to the base. Hiring a floor scaling hammer powered by an electric compressor offers a great solution in this case. This type of floor scaling hammer is ideal for quickly and efficiently removing floor tiles, glue and floor coverings. The Boels floor scaling hammer is ergonomically designed and easy to use. Different chisels are separately available, as well as a range of air hoses. If the tiles are tight to the subfloor, then it is best to scrape the joints out with a multi-tool, and then remove the tiles one by one.

For quickly removing different types of floor coverings such as tiles, parquet, carpet, vinyl and cork, hiring a heavy duty carpet stripper is an excellent solution. The machine works up to 8 hours on one battery charge and is only suitable for indoor use.

If removing the flooring proves to be a challenge, hiring a demolition hammer for breaking up the tiles is a good option. Always wear safety goggles during demolition work. It is also a good idea to wear gloves when cleaning the residual waste. The small pieces can be very sharp. Boels has a total solution for any type of demolition work, whether it involves breaking out joints with a 3 kg demolition hammer or emission-free demolition when renovating with a demolition robot.

Floor scaling hammer hire
Demolition hammer hire

Demolition hammers for cement or concrete floors

Removing cement or concrete floors is virtually impossible manually, just as with removing a wall. For this kind of heavy work, hiring a demolition hammer is the most obvious solution. A demolition hammer makes the concrete become porous, breaks it down slowly and allows the debris to be removed and disposed. The reinforcing steel that is poured into the concrete in most cases can be cut through with a grinding tool and removed. Because this method can release a lot of dust, concrete demolition with water is a good option. The water prevents the dust from circulating in the air and allows the room to remain relatively dust-free. Of course, it is also important to wear respiratory protection, such as a dust mask, to avoid inhaling dust.

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