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Climate Control

Air conditioning is more than just keeping cool: Climate control

Air conditioning is often only associated with cooling air. But that is not entirely true. Air conditioning literally means the conditioning of air. This includes: cooling, heating, circulating, dehumidifying, filtering and even cleaning the air in a room. That is why we prefer to speak of climate control.

Air conditioning systems do much more than just cool air. They are all-in-one systems for controlling a building’s indoor climate. Because an air conditioner is based on a heat pump, the system provides a sustainable alternative to heating. Now there will always be one or two employees who find it too hot or too cold, or who complain of a musty smell. This will happen in any building, be it industrial workshops, offices, libraries, hospitals or schools. Fortunately, Boels has the right solution for every ‘climate issue’.

Air-conditioning hire

Air conditioning unit hire for a pleasant climate

Air quality has a major impact on employee productivity and well-being. A poor indoor climate caused by inadequate ventilation and the evaporation of volatile organic compounds can result in productivity losses of up to 10 percent. It can also have a significant influence on sick leave and employee well-being. The owner of a building is responsible for regulating the climate of the property and for ensuring that installations are functioning at their best. Creating a pleasant indoor climate is very easy with the help of air conditioning. One excellent option is to hire a mobile air-conditioning unit. This device is equipped with a thermostat and temperature and ventilation control, and can be easily and quickly moved when and where needed.

Dehumidifying rooms? Hire a dehumidifier

Construction work generally requires some materials to be mixed with water. This often includes plaster and masonry work. Because moisture seeps outward during the hardening of the plaster or masonry, the level of humidity in the air rises. That means that a musty smell can quickly develop in homes or other spaces. The moisture that is released can also damage the insulation, cause mildew to form, expand wooden structures or weaken the strength of the building materials that are drying. Hiring a dehumidifier can prevent these kind of problems. This large building dryer is ideal for dehumidifying rooms in (new) construction spaces and essential after a flood or other water damage.

Hiring an industrial fan is a great solution for building drying, dust extraction, cooling, heating, as well as when fighting a fire and creating a smoke-free space in a short time. The stackable and compact axial fan is able to move a large amount of air, and has three positions and an adjustable tilt. Gas heaters are superior in their ability to quickly and easily heat different spaces. Gas heaters are generally hired for industrial spaces, workshops and tents. They have adjustable capacities and the combustion is virtually odourless. A gas heater can be used both indoors and outdoors. Ventilation is required for indoor use.

Dehumidifier hire
Heater hire

Warm up cold rooms: hire an electric heater

Nowadays almost all houses are equipped with central heating, meaning that most rooms in the house can be heated at a sufficient level. If this is not the case, then another solution is needed to get the house or specific space to the right temperature. An excellent alternative here is to hire an electric heater. Because electric heaters produce clean, dry and warm air, they are extremely suitable for heating rooms. An electrical heater does not consume oxygen and does not produce dust. The device is equipped with a thermostat and position switch. The electric heater also has thermal protection.

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