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Cleaning is more than just hoovering

Vacuum cleaning is often not enough to keep soft floor coverings clean over the long-term. Depending on the degree of contamination on the surface and the type of floor covering, a thorough carpet cleaning or even deep cleaning process is a must.

This kind of thorough carpet cleaning not only offers hygienic benefits, but it also extends the life of the floor covering. Boels has a wide range of powerful cleaning equipment for (industrial) floor coverings, façades, sewers, escalators and pavements.

Carpet cleaner hire

Hiring a carpet cleaner for deep cleaning

It may not always be visible on the surface, but a lot of dirt can also build up on the lower layers of a carpet. To extend the life of the carpet, it is important to remove this stubborn dirt periodically and to carefully treat stains. Vacuum cleaning only cleans on a superficial level. The dirt that gets embedded and trapped in the carpet every day remains deep in the carpet. You begin to notice this because of the stale smell the carpet gives off and the greasy appearance of the fibres. One convenient and user-friendly solution is hiring a carpet cleaner. The carpet cleaners from Boels have excellent cleaning power for cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting and other floor coverings. The cleaning device can also be used for cleaning sofas, car seats and upholstery.

Hiring a steam cleaner

Using steam for domestic cleaning is not necessarily new. In a number of countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy, this ecologically responsible cleaning method has been around for quite some time. Hiring a steam cleaner is an environmentally friendly alternative. Professional steam cleaners clean in a hygienically and environmentally friendly way. Because the water tank can be refilled during use, the appliance produces steam continuously. In addition, a steam cleaner is great for cleaning corners that are normally hard to reach. Steam acts as a disinfectant, can reduce mildew and is extremely suitable for cleaning materials such as tiles, sanitary facilities, kitchen appliances and windows. But perhaps the biggest advantage of steam cleaning is its cost-effectiveness. Lower water consumption and a reduction of harmful waste makes the steam cleaner a great choice for the pocketbook.
External brickwork is best cleaned using a sand blaster. This method ensures nice, smooth and uniform results. At Boels, you can hire a sand blaster for precise blasting and cleaning work, without causing damage to the objects. The combination of adjustable material supply, adjustable working pressure and dry or dust-free wet blasting make this lightweight design especially versatile.  

Steam cleaner hire
Scrubber drier hire

When should I hire a scrubber drier?

Dry sweeping and scrubbing at the same time -  that is what a scrubber drier does. The unique combination of scrubbing, vacuum cleaning and polishing makes this compact machine suitable for simple and heavy-duty cleaning work for process industries, warehouses, factories, airports, car parks and shopping centres. When you hire a scrubber drier, you actually get three cleaners in one. Which is also extremely convenient. The variable brush pressure makes this machine perfect for any situation - with scrubbing and drying in one cycle. Another advantage is the option of easily working forwards, backwards or under tables. A scrubber drier is the ideal tool for cleaning company floors, shop floors or garage floors.

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